About Patti


“Patti helped me see my house from a whole new perspective. The chaos of my closet and my office and my kitchen was contributing to the chaos of my life. She’s a master at problem-solving, as resourceful as they come and she can spot wasted space a mile away. I can’t believe how much an organized house contributes to a peaceful life. Patti is a wonder!”
Andrea, mom to precocious toddler & freelance journalist

“Patti provides a unique service that helped organize my house and thus my life. In our busy modern times, it is so nice to go to my closet or my kitchen and find everything in organized shelves, drawers, and bins. She had a step by step process that made it easy for me. She was very creative and provided different options from her knowledge of the organizing products out there. And she did it all at a great price.”
JJoseph, business professional

organize! had very creative solutions to my organizational and storage problems.  Patti’s expertise in space planning helped make the best use of my storage and closet space.  I have worked with other professional organizers and organize! was by far the most efficient and knowledgeable.”
Lisa, mother of two gorgeous girls & business owner

“Patti helped me organize! my two boys rooms. It had been on my list of things to do for months but didn’t have the time or energy to get the job done. After we sorted through their rooms I had this overwhelming feeling of happiness and relief. The best part was showing them after we had finished and they were just as excited as me!  Thank you, Patti, for helping me feel more organized. I feel like I want to go through the whole house now! When can we start?”
Jill, mom of two high-energy boys & professional athlete

“It looks awesome!”
Jack, 12 year old



organize! treatment of a Cape Cod barn; a place for everything and everything in its place.





organize! your collectibles. Saving the treasures and trinkets, donating and getting rid of the rest, made this room livable again!





organize! a goal without a plan is just a wish.