Let’s Talk

The Goal: Discover your needs and answer questions.
What Happens
: A complimentary phone consultation and Q & A to discuss fees, timing and expectations.  Is your closet a mess and you can’t handle the chaos?  Or is it fairly tidy, but you can never find anything?  Do you seem to be traipsing across the house every half hour to accomplish small tasks?  Do you need a better system for recycling, school lunches or laundry?
Next Step: We’ll schedule a time to meet on-site.

Customized Consultation

The Goal: Create an Action Plan
What Happens: A 1 – 2 hour (depending on your home size) assessment to see your space in need, review goals and determine best solutions.
Next Step: I provide a customized Action Plan with goals, challenges, solutions and time estimates.  You then have the choice to complete the project DIY or hire organize! for hands-on sessions.  If you choose the latter, we’ll both sign a working agreement and set up our next appointment.

Ready, Set, Organize

The Goal: Organize your areas, one space at a time.
What Happens: We’ll begin sorting, stacking and piling as I provide tips, tricks, ideas and solutions for improving and maintaining a peaceful, efficient home.  Remember: my services are as much about education as they are about organization.  Sessions are scheduled in 4-hour increments and a typical room takes about 8 hours.
Next Step: A couple of weeks after we finish, I’ll provide a complimentary follow up.  I’m then available for regular maintenance and to reinforce the skills you’ve learned.

organize! a goal without a plan is just a wish.