Patti’s Pointers

Messy towels are always falling off the shelf in disarray?
Roll ’em instead of folding them. They look prettier and they stay compact.

Feel like your organized, but still can’t find anything?

Make sure your bins are see-through.  That way you can tell whether it’s the shoe polish or extra shampoo as you scan the shelves.

Frustrated with traditional office drawer organizers?

That’s because they don’t always work. Try lidless Tupperware instead. That way you can match the shape of your bin to the shape of your stuff.

Have lots of storage baskets, but never the right size?

When buying storage bins or baskets, a good rule of thumb is to go one size smaller than you think. The less that’s in a bin, the less cluttered it will become and the easier it is to move.

Dorm living or renting an apartment and can’t use nails in the wall?

Don’t let your door go to waste – use over the door hooks for shoe organizers to towel bars and make every square inch count!



organize! a goal without a plan is just a wish.