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Why organize!

We know how it is. You've seen the Pottery Barn catalogs with their cute little labeled baskets, and it drives you crazy. You live in the real world, where softball equipment, school plays, dentist appointments and client meetings make keeping things organized a complete necessity, yet an endless puzzle.

But you can do it. And I can help. Read More>>

Organizing Myth #1

"You have to be a neat freak to have an organized house."

    Do you mix all your forks and knives and spoons together? Neither do I. But my forks aren't always stacked to perfection. And my corn-on-the-cob holders? Well, they're floating around in the drawer.

    So it goes with the rest of your house. As long as you have a specific place assigned for the vitamins and umbrellas and the wrapping paper and everything else, you'll be on your way to a peaceful home and a peaceful heart.